QP2R High-Res DAP Initial Launch in China is coming!--- Shenzhen Spring Cocoon

2017/6/1 10:06:25

June 3-4, 2017, in "Spring Cocoon, " the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, Area 1st, Booth C1 & D1, Questyle will held QP2R high-res DAP China initial launch!



About the show

As a big city with lots of audiophiles in Pearl River Delta, compared the capital city Guangzhou, Shenzhen have never held any large audio exhibition yet. This show will fill the large gap of Shenzhen in the field of audio equipment exhibition, which will have four big web portals to report, including Tencent, Netease, Sina, and iFeng. Questyle QP2R will show up in this great exhibition.




Option for listening

Different from before, as Shenzhen first audio show, besides QP2R initial launch, you need see how great the match is!



The first high-res DAP matched with Focal Utopia headphone!


The first portable desktop!


QP2R Docking System




And of course include Questyle first black DAC with headphone AMP-CMA400i with Focal sub-flagship Elear.


How to get to the show?


Metro: Line 2, Houhai Station, D2 Exit




Questyle booth: C1 & D1 booth, area 1st (red area), Shenzhen  Bay Sports Center


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