How did Utopia’s golden partner perfectly perform in Munich Hi-End 2017?

2017/5/26 13:14:07


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Germny time May 21, 2017 Munich Hi-end ended. Haven’t calmed down, and the  scene of this great show is still haunting in mind. The opening ceremony, the super sport car Bugatti Veyron, as well as the closing ceremony. Deeply impressed by their passion of audio. Now let’s see how the audiophiles reflected in the show.





Focal isolating room


Focal booth

The brightest room belongs to Focal of course. The biggest booth, isolating high-end headphone zone, everything reflects Focal’s brightness as the representative of world top high-end headphones. 




 High-end headphone zone


As having the biggest room, Focal specially set isolating zone for headphone. Different types of headphones are classified in this zone.




Well ,the most surprising place is Utopia zone.

In all the headphone zone, Utopia covers the largest area, and specially isolated from others, matched with Questyle Reference System.




In order to coordinate with Utopia, Questyle Reference System is just static display.

Those who want to listen to Reference system have to move forward to Focal’s booth. 



Besides the matching of Utopia and Reference System, the sub flagship Elear and Questyle CMA600i DAC with headphone amplifier are also the golden partner. People who have already listened to the matching said this is a perfect match.






Questyle CMA600i DAC with headphone amplifier and Focal Elear


What? You see NAIM and Bentley LOGO in Focal’s room?




See, the amplifier that Bentley used is from NAIM which is from the same investor with Focal


So, do you really know Focal?


Focal, the famous headphone manufacture in France, as well as the world top headphone brand, known as Beryllium diaphragm speaker Utopia. Then Focal applied the material Beryllium diaphragm to Utopia headphone, which makes Focal being the new benchmark in current headphone field. 




The top of the speaker, Focal Utopia Beryllium diaphragm speaker



Focal flagship headphone Utopia


Golden partner of Utopia


Well, how did Utopia and its golden partner start cooperating?


Early in September, 2016, Guangzhou HiFi Digital Audio and Headphone Expo, Focal and Questyle held the China initial launch ceremony of Utopia, matching with Questyle Reference System. You can see how successful it was from the photos!




The product manager from Focal the original manufacture was listening to this golden match




The hot atmosphere, see from the picture!


The name of Golden Utopia came out. Then, they began to show up over the world.



Golden Utopia in CanJam NYC



You just know the Utopia, have you seen the top Utopia (Gold Edition) at the price of $120, 000?


Golden Utopia in CanJam Singapore




Golden Utopia in CanJam SoCal



Golden Reference System and Utopia Gold Edition, the real golden match!


Golden Utopia in Axpona






3. What is the charm of Questyle Golden Reference System?


Questyle Golden Reference System consists of three types and four devices, CMA800P·CAS192D·2*CMA800R ( CMA800P Current Mode Pre-amp, CAS 192D D/A Converter and two CMA800R Current Mode Amplifiers).






Questyle Golden Reference System uses Questyle advanced technologies, patented “Current Mode Amplification’ technology, full balance technology, 3x Clock asynchronous structure and True DSD technology.



These advanced technologies giving Golden Reference System’s the world first class sound . Carefully selected components make the Questyle Golden Reference System reveal a feeling of luxury and graceful both inner and outer.


Extreme process

Questyle Golden Reference System adopts selected aircraft aluminum imported from US,  the upper and the bottom panels are 5 series aluminum,  while  front and rear panels are 6 series. Each panel passed fine machining by CNC device, tolerence under ±0.02mm , volume knob tolerence under ±0.005mm, processed with top level CNC standard. 





Besides the strict procedure in manufacturing, Questyle Audio Golden Reference System's one more unique point is it’s the world's first audio device to use Rogers Ceramic PCBs. Rogers ceramic PCBs, are a top level PCB mainly applied in military applications, allow the system to achieve an even more outstanding sound performance and specifications, some of the advantage are: 





•Ultra-low distortion: 0.00022% (20Hz-20kHz)

•Dielectric constant and dielectric loss are both the lowest available in audio devices

•Ultra stable dielectric constant in ultra wide frequency (up to 10GHz) ensures ultra-low loss and stable signal transmission

•Ultra-low thermal expansion, ensures stable operation up to 280 ° C temperature

•Selected components, ceramic packages, provide superior performance in terms of system sound quality and technical specifications


 Challenges the physical limit of audio testing


CMA800R Current Mode Headphone Amplifier: 1kHz@RL=300Ω,THD+N VS Power (V)




CMA800P Current Mode Pre-amp: 1kHz@RL=300Ω,Po=10mW bandwidth 22K THD+N VS Frequency (Hz)



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