Questyle Audio Is Identified as National High-tech Enterprise

2017/2/24 11:15:07

Questyle Audio was identified as a national high-tech enterprise in the last quarter of the year 2016. National high-tech enterprises are chosen from those scientific and technological enterprises which have their own proprietary intellectual property rights according to Administrative Methods for the Confirmation of New and High Technology Enterprises issue by MOST ( Ministry of Science and Technology ).




Questyle Audio has been taking technology as the core concept since the beginning of its establishment. Questyle‘s products have won numerous international awards, and got highly praise of many domestic and foreign media and users. This identification of being the high-tech enterprise is a strong proof of Questyle’s capabilities of research and development, and it also marks that Questyle Audio officially becomes a member of national high-tech enterprise, which lays a solid foundation for the future development.


What is the national high-tech enterprise identification?


It is understood that the national high-tech enterprise identification is a special qualification confirmed by the state to support and encourage high-tech enterprises with their development, and to adjust the industrial structure and enhance the national economic competitiveness. For enterprises, especially for technological enterprises, this qualification is a strong proof of their capabilities of high-tech research and development.




Why Questyle Audio can be a national high-tech enterprise?

An enterprise has to meet all of the six strict requirements to be identified as a national high-tech enterprise, including the core technology that should have independent intellectual property rights, the products or services that should fall within the field of high and new technology, the professional ability and technological achievements, the R&D investment, the proportion of sci-tech talents, and the index of enterprise growth etc.




Questyle Audio, which has more than 20 patented technologies, has already built a sound distribution network in major developed countries, and all the products are manufactured by the strategic partner Foxconn Technology Group. Since it was established in 2012, Questyle products have been awarded more than 20 international awards by the worldwide and authoritative media, including the CES Innovation Design Award and the iF Industrial Design Award etc.



What core technologies does Questyle Audio have? 


Current Mode Amplification    

Global PCT No.: PCT/CN2014/075775


5GHz Wireless Audio Technology

Global PCT No.: 201420119512.5


True DSD

China Intellectual Property Office Patent No.:201520211941.X



3X Clock USB Asynchronous Transmission

China Intellectual Property Office Patent No.:201520211445.4


IIR Digital Filter

China Intellectual Property Office Patent No.: 201520212711.5





1. Current Mode Amplification Technology

Global PCT No.: PCT/CN2014/075775


Current Mode Amplification is a shortened form referring to a Current Mode Audio Amplifier, which features the use of transistors to amplify with a discrete structure designed in, to wit: voltage input and output, while the core amplification takes place in the current domain operating in a pure class A state.



Typical applications: CMA800R,CAM800i,CMA600i,CMA800P,QP1R



2. True DSD

China Intellectual Property Office Patent No.:201520211941.X


True DSD technology processes DSD signals without any PCM converting and provides the True DSD, which is fundamentally different from DoP and Native DSD.


Typical applications: CAS192D,CMA800i,CMA600i,QP1R


3. IIR Digital Filter

China Intellectual Property Office Patent No.: 201520212711.5


Questyle Audio’s advanced IIR digital filter completely eliminates the pre-ring from impulse wave, producing more ethereal and natural sound.


Typical applications: CAS192D,CMA800i,QP1R


4. 3X Clock USB Asynchronous Transmission

China Intellectual Property Office Patent No.:201520211445.4


To avoid Jitter which the traditional design of a single clock with PLL will produce, Questyle Audio employs a three-clock integrated circuit with FIFO asynchronous architecture, ensuring accurate sound and quality playback of digital audio files.


Typical applications:  CAS192D,CMA800i,CMA600i,QP1R, T2


5. Dual Clock Integral Upsampling


There are two clocks with extremely low phase noise inside the dual clock integral upsampling, the processor automatically identifies the sample rate and upsamples integrally, which eliminates timing errors and improves the sound quality.  



Typical applications: CAS192D


Never Stop Questing

Being professional and simple is our core design concept. We expect to provide our users with beautiful music and let them enjoy the wonderful time in an easy and trouble-free way, just leaving the complex technical problems to Questyle. We are moving forward on the road of scientific and technological innovation to provide professional, portable, high-quality listening experience and unique brand value.Our mission is to enhance people’s music listening experience. We strive to become an international high-end audio system developer and solution provider.





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