Questyle QP2R Initial Launch in Munich Hi-End 2017

2017/5/19 17:13:56

First let’s see how hi-end the show is! The world most expensive super sport car Bugatti Veyron shows here!


On May 18, 2017, Questyle initial launched the 2nd generation DAP-QP2R, which you have expected long time in Munich Hi-End show.




Munich Hi-End Show, grand opening!


Well, how people expected Questyle QP2R? Let’s see the live!




Conference at the sence


Honestly, the romantic display made me moved so much!




QP2R directly matched with Questyle’s strategic partner Focal flagship headphone-Utopia. And the audiophile just immersed himself in...





Speaking to QP2R, many people just can’t help being excited. To let people further know the inside structure of QP2R, we just specially made a display box to show it’s inside structure and components.




This is QP2R’s new docking system. You can put QP2R in the docking and connect with a pair of active speakers. Just put this system at your home. And it’s not only beautiful, but also saves space. It really is the combination of music and beauty.


Why people expect QP2R?


Not just the face, but the strength.







Patented technologies-leading the technology and continuously creating.


 Current Mode Amplification




QP2R inherits Qustyle’s new design of Current Mode Amplifier built with all discrete circuit and pure Class A working state. 0.0005% ultra-low distortion and less than 0.1Ω output impedance.


Full-balanced Design


Due to the full-balanced output, the amplifier circuits are upgraded to four groups from the original two, which is just like a car of two-wheel drive upgrades to four-wheel drive. Four groups of Current Mode Amplifier circuits are located on both front and back of the PCB, which significantly shortens the distance that signals bypass on the PCB.



True DSD 

With Questyle’s patented technologies”True DSD” and “3X Clock Asynchronous Structure”, plus AKM flagship DAC chipset AK4490, QP2R can support up to True DSD 256 and PCM384/32Bit.


Pure Class A BIAS Control System




Besides, based on Current Mode Amplifier, QP2R is the first portable DAP in the world that uses pure Class A BIAS control system. Questyle makes use of the pure Class A BIAS control system to ensure that Current Mode Amplifiers operate only in the state of pure Class A when driving different loads (especially headphones of low resistance and low sensitivity), which achieves perfect listening experience and outstanding technical performance. Imagine you are driving a sport car under the “RACE” mode (Sport Plus or Sport Response mode), and its engine is running at the ultra-high speed, and the rapid shifting gears together with a strong grip is enough to conquer you and give you great satisfaction.



There is a BIAS indicator on the right side of QP2R and it shows the standard bias indicated by orange light, and the high bias by red light.



Concise Design-The more complicated the world is, the more concise we are.



It’s always been Questyle’s design philosophy that no matter when or where, there shouldn’t be a problem for you to enjoy the high-end and lossless music you want.


QP2R inherits the definition of taking the audio performance and listening experience as our core values, and preserves the typical and professional genes of Questyle, which is becoming perfect over time.


Accurate Operation-with accuracy and a sense of ritual of super sport car.


Just as a sport car stresses accurate shifting gears and a sense of ritual, or a SLR camera values rapid view of pictures among a huge number of files, most professional devices are mechanical and electronic control rather than touch screen operation.



Craft-pursuit of perfection

The impressive design of tucked waist derived from a curvaceous woman's body and he curvilinear machining of Gorilla Glass for the front and rear panels of the player are extraordinarily demanding on CNC processing. The spirit of never compromise and the extremely critical requirements of Questyle get the support of its strategic partner-Foxconn Technology Group. Foxconn finishes the most challenging processing with its top technology engineers and the most exquisite device.




New design of side button makes the operation convenient for the users the screen is off.




The Type C port for charging and data transfer costs much to make a special equipment and a precise mold, and its inner bushing made of stainless steel is lustrous and scratch-proof.




Patented Technology of plane bearing design

QP2R uses a new patented technology of plane bearing on the mechanical steering wheel and the volume knob.The accuracy of this mechanical and electronic operation has a special attraction, and QP2R makes it more appealing. 




System extended- multiple application scenes



DSD Gain compensation

Pure Class A BIAS Control System

Low/Middle/High Gain Control



Support extended outputs by a docking station



Customized battery of large capacity

More than 10 hours’ battery life

64GB Internal memory

Support 200GB micro SD card for external expansion, more than ten thousands of songs in the pocket


3.5mm  optical output

3.5mm standard headphone output

2.5mm full-balanced headphone output

Support USB DAC



Well, the most iportant thing you care about is the price I guess.


Price:  USD $1299



What a portable DAP can do?


At home


After a day work, please put off your phone and relax with music! You can choose to put on your headphone, or you can connect QP2R with other audio devices at you home via the optical output.



On the way


The battery capacity of QP2R is 3100mAh, which you can continuously listen more than 10 hours. Whether you are taking a long time business trip, or waiting for the traffic light in the city, or every late working night, or excising in the gym, QP2R can company you in all situations. You just enjoy the peaceful time!


 In the car



Match QP2R with your car! Imagine on a sunny afternoon, the engine sound from the car and the music sound from QP2R just haunt around you. It is absolutely extraordinary experience.


Wherever you are, at anytime, QP2R can let you enjoy the music at will. It is absolutely the best partner of your quality life!


On this show, beside initial launch of QP2R high-res DAP, Questyle also launched the first black desktop DAC with headphone amplifier-CMA400i.




CMA400i DAC with headphone amplifier


Exceeds all expectation


CMA400i, inheriting the state-of-the-art technology of Questyle Golden Reference System, is visually impressive and mysterious for its black and sandblasted chassis, and the amber light of LED indicators.




CMA400i can be placed straight with a specially designed stand, which is not only space saving but also eye-catching for its statue-like structure under light.




CMA400i has a great capability for signal processing, supporting Win XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, WIN10 and MAC OS. When connecting to a computer, it is only responsible for sending data. So, everything related to sound quality will be guaranteed by CMA400i, no matter it is a song, a film or a game.


CMA400i can be matched with traditional digital sources and active speakers. It’s very easy to build your system.


Live show

Whenever it is, wherever it is in domestic or overseas, Questyle booth is always the most popular. Just see the photo from this Munich High-End show.


The conference with European distributors is going on...


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