DAC with Headphone Amplifier

An outstanding all-in-one device should be no-compromise

Excellent Headphone AMP Section

The Questyle Audio CMA800i headphone amplifier section follows Questyle’s patented "Current Mode Amplification" design used in their flagship headphone amplifier, the Questyle Audio CMA800R. In fact, most of the components used are the same. The ultra low 0.00026% distortion, ultra wide bandwidth, up to 850kHz (+0, -3dB), and Super-current pure Class A architecture, enables the Questyle Audio CMA800i’s amplification to be unparalleled among all-in-one  DAC/amplifier models.

A World Class DAC Section - True DSD

Unlike other DACs that claim DSD support, yet in actuality provide DoP  (DSD over PCM), the Questyle Audio CMA800i accepts the DSD bit-stream directly from your computer, bypassing your computer’s audio processing and digital volume control as well as the Questyle Audio CMA800i’s digital filters, to provide True DSD, the way it was meant to be heard, without requiring expensive difficult to install proprietary connectors, or as is the case with DoP breaking up the bit-stream into 16bit packets and compressing them into a PCM data-stream and then uncompressing them at the other end, buffering them, then reassembling the bit-stream so that it may be sent to the DAC as DSD, all of which requires an extreme amount of processing at both the computer end and the DAC end to perform in real time (which invariably leads to latency, data loss, etc), not to mention a 33% increase in bandwidth requirements for the USB ports and cabling. 

DAC Chipset--Wolfson Flagship Chip WM8741

The sound of WM8741 can be described as classic “English” style, delivering a soft and exquisite sound. Due to Questyle’s high requirements for D/A design, LPF is discarded(per Wolfson’s suggestion ) in the Questyle developed analog output circuit for the WM8741, receiving official praise from Wolfson.

IIR Digital Filter

Currently the majority of DACs use FIR (finite impulse response) digital filters, but research and testing has shown that our ears are very sensitive to the pre-ring that FIR digital filters add to the impulse wave, making the music sound incoherent and unnatural. The Questyle Audio CMA800i offers the more advanced IIR digital filter, which completely eliminates the pre-ring from the impulse wave producing a more natural sound.

A Separate Pre-Amplifier Section

The Pre-Amplifier output is another unique feature of the Questyle Audio CMA800i. Many manufacturers, when designing an all-in-one model, use the headphone amplifier circuit loop to support the pre-amplifier output to reduce costs. To achieve the best possible sound performance, the Questyle Audio CMA800i is designed with a totally independent pre-amplifier, even the power supply supporting the pre-amplifier circuit is independently located.

In keeping with Questyle Audio’s no-compromise approach and to make usage more convenient, an analog volume control circuit is employed, using an ALPS27 motor controlled potentiometer for operation via remote control.

Match the Questyle Audio CMA800i with Active Speaker

The Questyle Audio CMA800i is an excellent choice to drive active speakers. Questyle has a strategy cooperation partnership with ADAM Professional Audio, a perfect match for the Questyle Audio CMA800i.

Hi-End Components Throughout

Superior sound performance requires the use of Hi-end components. Questyle uses only the very best in the Questyle Audio CMA800i, each component undergoing an extensive testing and selection process, with many being custom made and purpose built.


10mm Thick Aluminum Cover and Bottom Chassis

The Questyle Audio CMA800i aluminum chassis is produced by Foxconn using precise CNC tooling machines. The upper cover and bottom chassis “mutual bit” structure design, provides the Questyle Audio CMA800i with stable heat, excellent control of sympathetic vibration and excellent shielding from RFI/EMI radiation. 

Match with Sennheiser HD800

The Questyle Audio CMA800i is capable of driving a wide range of headphones, from the most finicky of IEMs to high impedance studio cans.

"I continued with the HD800 which had paired so well with Questyle's dedicated headphone amps. Sure enough, I got very impressive results straight from the CMA800i. This was an extremely transparent, clean, fast combination that did a bang up job with quality material, and really showed how poorly done many newer recordings are."

--John Grandberg


Match with Audeze LCD-2

"LCD-2 sounds better for my preferences in this particular application. The speed and resolution of the Questyle really complements the somewhat laid-back LCD-2 signature, it have nice bass impact, and both sound very open and fairly expansive."

--John Grandberg


Quality Control

Each product is burned in for 72 hours before shipping and every product has its own serial number and test report. The engineers prepare two copies of the test report, one report is put in the box for the customer and another report is kept in a safety deposit box at Questyle. If there are any questions, about any product, at anytime, Questyle is able to find the report, for that unit, to aid in solving any issues. For distributors, Questyle can provide a professional technical guide.


Headphone Amp Section (External Format)

Gain:11.8dB (3.9times)

Max Output Power(Po):


SNR:118 dB

Frequency: DC-200kHz (+0,-0.5 dB); DC-850kHz (+0,-3 dB)


Internal DAC output,
External RCA input, switchable

Dual 6.35mm Standard Stereo Jacks

Headphone Amp Section
(External Format)

SPDIF input and output, USB Type B input

SPDIF input and output:
Standard PCM 44.1-192k/16-24bit
USB: PCM 44.1-192k/16-24bit
DSD Source Code following standard SACD format

PC OS to Match USB Input:
Win XP,Vista,Win7,Win8 and MAC OS

Digital Filter:
PCM Mode: Switchable IIR(MP) and FIR (LP)
Ture DSD Mode: No filter

USB Supported Kernal Stream:

Analog Output:
Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA)

Nax output Amplitude:

THD+N: < 0.005% for both XLR and RCA

SNR: >107dB for both XLR and RCA

Whole Device

100-120V or 220-230V switchable

Power Consuming:13W

Dimension:330*300*55 mm

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