The Questyle Audio CMA800P Pre-amp

Even the very best occasionally needs a little help. Presenting the Questyle Audio CMA800P, commissioned by STAX, to bring out the full potential of their Flagship SR-009 electrostatic earspeaker system. All hand made in Japan, and only available on a custom order basis, the pinnacle of the STAX line, the SR-009 provides sound with a natural clarity and exquisite detail demanded by the most discerning of audiophiles, but to bring out their full dynamics, to provide unprecedented deep, articulate and controlled bass, to remove that last bit of haze in the treble, a pre-amp was needed, and STAX felt that only Questyle Audio, had the technological expertise, and the auditory finesse to build it.

May 14th 2015, at the Munich High-end show, Germany,  Questyle Audio officially announce the birth of their new family member—The CMA800P, a “Current Mode” Amplification Pre-amplifier. In its name, the 800 represents the top tier of Questyle Audio’s Hi-end headphone based systems, while P represents “Pre-Amp”. Thus from very beginning the Questyle Audio CMA800P is defined as a purified Hi-end piece, specifically tuned to the STAX SR-009 system, to dig out the electrostatic headphone system’s full potential. Not able to attend themselves, STAX provided an SR-009 system to be displayed with the Questyle Audio CMA800P at the product launch, showing their absolute support of the Questyle Audio CMA800P / STAX SR-009 combination.

Specifically Tuned to the STAX SR-009 Electrostatic Earspeaker System, per Request of STAX

High-end audio gear, must prove itself with outstanding sound performance. The Questyle Audio CMA800P’s performance and specification will surprise audiophiles in many aspects: inherent from the patented Questyle Audio “Current Mode Amplification” design, it produces a distortion level as low as 0.00025% THD, linearly across the complete audible spectrum of 20Hz —20kHz, while producing no measurable TIMD. With performance like this, the Questyle Audio CMA800P can easily challenge all pre-amps in current production. Together with the STAX SR-009 system, the Questyle Audio CMA800P awards the user, with a much greater than expected listening experience. Thanks to the Questyle Audio CMA800P & STAX SR-009 system’s high resolution expression capabilities, the bass reproduction cannot be matched by dynamic headphones, and individual instrument pronunciation is clearly displayed without mixing, creating a powerful sound stage, ensuring each instrument has its precise playing position expressed. Have no fear, that high frequencies will be overshadowed, due to the bass performing so well, on the contrary, the high frequencies are greatly improved as well. Listeners will be thrilled at the richness of sound, especially the violin, which is often left thin and anemic on other headphone systems.  

A Complete State of the Art High-end Electrostatic Earspeaker system :
The Questyle Audio CAS192D/CMA800P + STAX 727MKII/SR-009

As critical audiophiles, only if a piece of audio gear or an audio system really performs exceptionally, can we truly  call it “High-end”.

To make a complete audiophile system, the Questyle Audio CMA800P also needs a high-end source, for which we recommend the Questyle Audio CAS192D, in matching with the STAX SR-009 system. When Questyle Audio was aligning the CMA800P sound, we used lots of High-end DACs for comparison and reference, including the Questyle CAS192D. As STAX General Manager Mr. Li mentioned, “The CAS192D is a wonderful digital source, while it doesn’t leave any digital traces in sound.”   Extraordinarily, the Questyle Audio CAS192D adopts patented “True DSD” technology, working within standard SACD regulations without any digital filter. High frequencies reaching to SACD standard of 100kHz especially match the STAX SR-009 ultra-wide frequency range, combining to create a very High-end SACD standard system.

The Questyle Audio CMA800P--No Compromise, At All

As the Questyle Audio CMA800P is aiming to push up STAX SR-009 into a much higher level position, its craftwork surely requires a most precise CNC tooling procedure. Most of the production work, on the Questyle Audio CMA800P, was processed at Foxconn, under the highest standards of procedure. As a pure class A pre-amp, the Questyle Audio CMA800P employs heat-leaking aluminum cases to maintain proper temperature control. Even, every screw is specially tooled by CNC machines, to ensure that it is strong enough, while no connection traces are left to be seen. The final step assembly is performed at Foxconn, as well, by well skilled engineers. As with Questyle Audio’s other models, each Questyle Audio CMA800P carton box contains a test report made by AP2722, detailing its performance during final testing. 


Max Output Amplitude:
13Vrms in full balance mode
6.5Vrms in unbalance mode

131dB in full balance mode
124dB in unbalance mode

0.00021%@1kHz, 10k ohms in full balance mode
0.00023%@1kHz, 10k ohms in unbalance mode

Frequency Response:
DC-100kHz (+0, -3dB) (built-in LPF filter)

Input Impedance:2.9k ohms

Input:XLR x1 / RCA x1

Output:XLR x1 /Stereo RCA x1

Working Status:Pure Class A

Input Voltage:100V-120V / 220V-240V

Power Consumption:9W

Dimension:330x300x55 mm

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