The Questyle Audio 5GHz Hi-End Wireless Audio System 

World class sound should not be limited by wires! Questyle Audio presents the World’s First, Hi-end 5GHz Wireless Audio System! A completely new stage of evolution for wireless audio, Questyle Audio's worldwide PCT patented, 5GHz Wireless Audio System offers the most stable wireless transmission, yet achieved, for a HiFi system.

5GHz Wireless Audio System

The Questyle Audio 5GHz Wireless Audio System series consists of a Wireless Transmitter/Controller (Preamplifier) and a Wireless Receiver/DAC/Amplifier. Currently there are three models: the T2 Wireless Transmitter/Controller, the R100 (2x50W Stereo) Wireless Amplifier and the R200 (200W Mono) Wireless Amplifier.

The Questyle Audio 5GHz Wireless Audio System, integrates Wireless Transmission (transmitting uncompressed 24bit/22M audio signal in the 5.2GHz/5.8GHz frequency band), Digital to Analog conversion and Power Amplification to maximize high fidelity sound performance, in its purest form, while simplifying the setup of a Hi-end audio system.

The Most Stable Hi-end Wireless Audio System

Current 2.4GHz wireless audio systems set people free from unsightly and impractical cable connections, but, there is an obvious shortcoming, in that, there are countless Wi-Fi setups, broadcasting in the 2.4GHz frequency range, which repeatedly cause interrupted, delayed or weakened signal. To achieve absolutely stable wireless transmission, Questyle Audio innovatively designed the 5GHz wireless system, transmitting audio signals in the 5.2GHz/5.8GHz frequency band, wonderfully avoiding the crowded 2.4GHz frequency range and achieving the most stable transmission to date.

Most importantly, the Questyle Audio 5GHz Wireless Audio System supports a stable real time playback, which is beyond the capability of other wireless systems.

T2 Wireless Transmitter

The Questyle Audio T2 Wireless Transmitter/Controller receives digital signal through USB, Coaxial, and Optical inputs, as well as, Analog signal through RCA inputs (which is converted to digital via a dedicated ADC circuit). User friendly design, allows for simple plug and play operation, and it will start working as soon as you plug in the power cord, no need for any complex setup procedure.

The wireless transmission supports high resolution, 24bit communication, which employs a FIFO cache and digital PL technology, reducing Jitter to undetectable levels. The Questyle Audio 5GHz Wireless Audio System also supports multiple receiver applications, allowing one transmitter to connect with up to 8 receivers.

Hi-end Components

The Questyle Audio 5GHz Wireless Audio System employs a 3X clock USB asynchronous transmission structure, along with only the best available components and independent power supplies to improve Hi-end sound performance.

The Questyle Audio R100 and R200 Wireless Amplifiers

The Questyle Audio R100 and R200 Wireless Amplifiers are actually an integration of wireless receiver, DAC and amplifier. The Questyle Audio R100 Wireless Amplifier is a 50W per channel stereo amplifier, whereas, the Questyle Audio R200 Wireless Amplifier is a 200W Mono block switchable between left and right channel via a switch on the bottom of the R200. The Questyle Audio R200, with its high power output (an incredible 20A output current capacity), is able to drive even the most demanding of speaker systems. The Questyle Audio R100 and R200, both feature modified Danish ICEpower Class D amplification modules with an ultra-low distortion of 0.004%, and a Signal to Noise Ratio of 104db, as well as the legendary Wolfson DAC chip to ensure the highest sound performance possible.

Easy Setup Pairing

The Questyle Audio T2 Transmitter can be paired with either a Questyle Audio R100 or Questyle Audio R200 amplifier following a simple two step procedure. On the R200 there is also a small switch labeled “R /L”. This is to select whether the Mono Block is to be sent Right Channel or Left Channel information. (The R100 will have a small slot with no switch as it is stereo.) Within minutes you can set up a complete Hi-end wireless audio system. So quick and easy!

Bi-amp and Tri-amp Performance

Because multiple receivers are supported, up to 8 receivers per T2 transmitter, with only an 8ms delay, speaker systems requiring more than 200W output power, can easily be accommodated through a bi-amp or tri-amp configuration. 

There are many speakers that have separate connections for high, mid and low frequency. To upgrade the sound performance, two or three pairs of R200 amplifiers can be used to separately drive HF, MF and LF. The power of each channel increases to 400W(2*200W) or 600W(3*200W) to improve hi-end performance. 

Upgrade A Home Theater System

Multi-channel surround home theater set up can be simplified by using the Questyle Audio 5GHz Wireless Audio System to power surround and rear channels, without having to run wires. This is especially helpful in finished rooms where it is not practical or even possible to run wires through the wall or under the floor. Plus, since transmission is done in the digital domain, there is none of the signal denigration or power loss, usually associated with long speaker wire or interconnect runs.


T2 Transmitter

Digital Input:
Optical, Coaxial, PCM 44.1k-192k/16-24bit

USB Input:
USB type B, 3X clock USB Asynchronous transmission, supports Win and Mac OS

Analogue Input: RCA, max 2Vrms

Power Cord:
DC 5V 6.5mm, Max Current 1A

Electric volume, 0.5dB stepping, PW cut memory

Input Switch:
Switch button, PW cut memory

Transmitting Frequency:
5.2/5.8GHZ switchable

Bit Depth:24 bit without compression

Max Delay:10mS

Max Support Receivers:8 pcs


R100 Wireless Amplifier

Output Power:2*50W@4ohms

Frequency Response:>60kHz (+0,-3dB)

SNR: >100dB

THD+N: <0.01%

Power Supply: 110V/220V switchable


R200 Wireless Amplifier

Output Power:200W@4ohms

Frequency Response:>60kHz, +0,-3dB



Power Supply:110V/220V Switchable


Channel Switch:
Switches between left and right through a switch on the chassis bottom

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